Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions and answers on and how to complete your assessments. If you have additional questions concerning the assessment system, please email Alex Jacobsson at or call (616) 331-6248.

1. Why did I receive an email reminder to complete assessments?

If you are required to complete assessments for a specific course this semester, the assessment system will automatically email you a notice to complete your assessments. The system typically emails all participants towards the end of each semester when the assessments are available on You will continue to receive automatic reminder emails if you still need to complete assessments for a specific course. If you received a reminder email, please log into your account and ensure all assessments are completed.

2. How do I log into my account?

Instructions are on the homepage and should be included in the email reminders you receive.

3. How do I know my assessments are complete?

When an assessment is 100% complete, a checkmark will appear next to it on your “My Assessments” page. The College of Education will not send you an email confirmation after you have completed an assessment.

4. Do I need to complete these assessments?

If you log into and have assessments on your "My Assessments" menu, you are required to complete the assessments. Students, cooperating teachers, faculty, and university field coordinators all complete assessments for specific courses. These should be explained in the syllabi for your course, and are a required part of completing the course.

5. Are the assessments used for grading students?

The assessments are not used for grading, but rather for our state and national accreditation. The results provide quantitative data on the performance of our students, allowing the college to identify areas for improvement.

6. Can I preview and/or print a copy of a rubric prior to completing an assessment?

The Syllabi of Record and Common Course Assessment Rubric for most courses are available on the College of Education’s “Course List” page, The search Filter allows you to search for specific courses by entering a keyword or course number, and you can access the rubric and course details by selecting "View" next to each course.

7. Is there an option to save an assessment before submitting it?

While we do not have a "Save" button on the assessment pages, the site will save your data if you click the "Submit" button. If the assessment is incomplete, you should receive an error message on-screen saying you haven’t completed the assessment, but the data you entered is actually saved. You can then leave the site and return later to complete the assessment entry. You must complete all fields in an assessment for it to be successfully completed and submitted.

8. How are the assessments used?

The assessments are not used for grading, but rather for our state and federal accreditation. The assessments provide data on how our students are performing in their courses and content areas, allowing the College of Education to identify areas for improvement.

9. Why was the assessment system created?

The assessment system was created to comply with state standards issued by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) and national standards from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), which is now part of the national Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). Both state and national standards request the college utilize an assessment system to improve the performance of candidates, the college, and the college’s programs. is a web-based, electronic assessment system that attempts to be fair, accurate, consistent, and free from bias. In designing the system, analyses occurred of systems used by other NCATE institutions, including commercial packages. This information served as a baseline from which the College of Education built its own assessment system. Common transition points across initial, advanced, and OSP programs are identified, and key assessments are developed based on institutional, professional, and state standards. The key assessments are designed to provide data at both the program and unit levels.

10. Who manages the assessment system?

The assessment system is housed within the College of Education and supervised by the Dean's Office. The chief designer/programmer is Jeffrey Rollins, our Database and Reporting Specialist. All correspondence for is managed by Alex Jacobsson, the Assistant Director of the Student Information and Services Center. You may contact Alex at or call (616) 331-6248.